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Information on the City’s current VoIP Phone and Voicemail system RFP

What we do:

The City's Technology Department is a highly motivated team working to promote, develop, design and build enhanced tools and resources for our community. Our goal is to continue to provide citizens and employees of the city with an improved digital experience that compliments the many vital public services provided by Department staff.  citywiseaward

How we do it:

Throughout the year, our technology team works on a variety of special development projects which have been identified through our strategic planning lead by city administration and mayor, with funding approved by our elected council members.  

For the budget year 2020, the following are examples of some of the projects underway or planned:

1.       Web Design and Development.  The City's Web Advisory Committee will be working with Municode web designers to create a new community-focused websit with many new features creating a site that is easy to navigate, full of commonly accessed information, mobile friendly, with enhanced new services.   

2.       Municode Agenda and Minutes.   The City will be moving it's public meeting agenda and minutes to Municode to provide a user-friendly word-based experience that will save time for staff in developing agendas and finalizing minutes.

3.       Technology Roadmap:  Work will continue on the City's Technology Roadmap goals and initiatives.  

4.       Phone and Voicemail Replacement Committee:  A committee was formed in 2019 to research, review and select the City's replacement VoIP phone system and voicemail which is budgeted for 2020.  The project RFP will be available sometime in early Spring.  

5.       Cyber Security Response Team:   The Cyber Security continues to be a high priority.  Employee security awareness video training and internal testing is underway and will continue throughout 2020.  

6.       Mobile Workforce:   Additional development continues to enhance the City's mobile workforce plan, developing strategies to enhance, fund and implement better technologies for staff.   Sophos Mobile Device Management will be implemented on all city-owned devices.  Police Tabs is scheduled for mobile reporting.   

7.      City Annexation Building:   Networking, securities, and other technology work will continue to prepare the newly acquired (previously Bank of America) building for employees and services for the community.  This movement and re-organization of departments and services will also create technology work within City Hall.  

8.     Other Systems and Application development:  The Parks and Recreation RecTrak, WebTrak and MobileTrak systems will be upgraded adding many new features to online services.  Instance Messaging services will be reviewed for improved communications.  Community Development online permitting and planning development will be reviewed in 2019 for 2020 decisions and implementation.


Mission Statement

"City organizational and public needs drive technology development and priorities. The Technology Department develops the knowledge and resources to help all city departments solve business problems, serve citizens effectively and move the city's mission and vision forward."

The Technology Department provides a central technology service of integrating common data and voice process, to provide information to the citizens in the most efficient, useful format possible.

The Department also has the responsibility of maintaining, protecting and securing the City's vital data assets and network resources to ensure data and information integrity.

It is our mission to continue to research and pursue technology projects where innovations are expected to improve service delivery or provide new or enhanced public services more efficiently.


Technology Department
Camas City Hall
616 NE 4th Avenue
Camas, WA  98607


Sherry Coulter
Information Technology Director

Joe Vrtiska
Information Technology Programmer/Systems Analyst

Tony Collver
Information Technology Network Administrator

Melinda Pruett
Information Technology Support Specialist

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