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Directory 20000110 RES 887 Approving the City of Camas Final Compensation Report and the City of Camas Classification Manual Prepared by Johnson & Associates.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 20000110 RES 888 Establishing a Temporary Part Time Position of Offender Crew Leader with a Step Salary of 23.pdf 5 years ago 917 KB
Directory 20000110 RES 889 Adopting the 2000 Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge, and Municipal Construction, English Units.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 20000124 RES 890 Setting a Public Hearing Concerning the Proposed Vacation of a Portion of SW Sixth Avenue and a Portion of NW Sixth Avenue.pdf 5 years ago 2 MB
Directory 20000124 RES 891 Revising Salary Ranges and Some Job Titles for Non-Represented Employees, Members of IAFF No. 2444,....pdf 5 years ago 2 MB
Directory 20000124 RES 892 Adopting New Salary Ranges for Employees of the City of Camas by Implementing Cost of Living Adjustments.pdf 5 years ago 3 MB
Directory 20000214 RES 893 Adopting a Volunteer Policy Handbook.pdf 5 years ago 4 MB
Directory 20000327 RES 894 Revising the Salary Ranges for Part Time Recreation and Pool Employees.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 20000424 RES 895 Adopting a Policy for the Use, Distribution and Control of Credit Cards for the Purchase of Equipment and Supplies.pdf 5 years ago 722 KB
Directory 20000508 RES 896 Supporting The Camas Employee Wellness Program.pdf 5 years ago 916 KB
Directory 20000522 RES 897 Authorizing Application...for Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program....pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 20000710 RES 898 Creating the Positions of Offender Crew Leader and Planner I and Establishing Salary Ranges....pdf 5 years ago 953 KB
Directory 20000724 RES 899 Revising and Extending the Comprehensive Street Program for an Additional Six (6) Years.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 20000814 RES 900 Approving a Development Agreement between the City of Camas and H.L. Voqui, Developer of Ash Creek Subdivision.pdf 5 years ago 5 MB
Directory 20000814 RES 901 Establishing the Salary Range for the Position of court Security Officer.pdf 5 years ago 867 KB
Directory 20000828 RES 902 Adopting by Reference that Certain Document Entitled North Dwyer Creek Master Plan as a Subarea Plan Under RCW 36.70A.080(2).pdf 5 years ago 15 MB
Directory 20001023 RES 903 Revising Speed Limits on Certain Streets Located in the City of Camas.pdf 5 years ago 227 KB
Directory 20001113 RES 904 Authorizing the Fire Facility Construction Fund to Borrow $1,300,000.00 from the Water Sewer Capital Reserve Fund, and....pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 20001204 RES 905 Re-Adopting Resolution No. 879, and Establishing a Fee for Replacement of Street Signs.pdf 5 years ago 350 KB
Directory 20001204 RES 906 Re-Adopting Resolution 882, and Adopting a Schedule of Fees for Various Fire Prevention Activiites Including Plan Reviews....pdf 5 years ago 702 KB
Directory Thumbs.db 3 years ago 203 KB