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Directory 19990111 RES 864 Adjusting Charges for the Use of the Emergency Ambulance of the City of Camas.pdf 10 months ago 134 KB
Directory 19990111 RES 865 Regarding the Acquisition of Land in Grass Valley for the Construction of a Fire Station.pdf 10 months ago 214 KB
Directory 19990111 RES 866 Setting a Public Hearing Concerning the Proposed Vacation of the Original NW Parker Street Alignment.pdf 5 years ago 280 KB
Directory 19990111 RES 867 Setting a Public Hearing Concerning the Proposed Vacation of a Portion of E. 1st Ave, SE 2nd Ave, SE 3rd Ave, SE Adams St, SE Birch St. and SE Cedar St..pdf 5 years ago 292 KB
Directory 19990111 RES 868 Setting a Public Hearing Concerning the Proposed Vacation of a Portion of NW Elm Way.pdf 5 years ago 272 KB
Directory 19990111 RES 869 Declaring an Emergency and Providing for the Repair of an 18-inch Sanitary Sewer Main without Submitting the Project to Competitive Bids.pdf 5 years ago 244 KB
Directory 19990208 RES 870 Providing for a Loan in the Amount of $100,000.00 from the Firemen's Pension ...Portion of the Costs of an Automated Sanitary Collection Truck.pdf 5 years ago 251 KB
Directory 19990222 RES 871 Adopting a Neighborhood Preservation Enforcement Policy.pdf 5 years ago 477 KB
Directory 19990426 RES 872 Amending the Fees for Obtaining Public Records.pdf 5 years ago 352 KB
Directory 19990524 RES 873 Revising the Salary Ranges for the Position of Battalion Chief Fire Marshall to 39-45.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 19990628 RES 874 Revising the Policy for Reimbursing Employees for Travel and other Expenses Incurred in the Conduct of City Business.pdf 5 years ago 3 MB
Directory 19990712 RES 875 Authorizing and Approving the Clark County Auditor Conduct the September 14, 1999 Primary Election by Mail Ballot.pdf 5 years ago 869 KB
Directory 19990726 RES 876 Amending Resolution 606 by Revising the Procedures and Policies for Utility Billings.pdf 5 years ago 3 MB
Directory 19990726 RES 877 Revising and Extending the Comprehensive Street Program for an Additional Six (6) Years.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 19990823 RES 878 Approving a Construction Permit for the State of Washington DOT for Work on Project SR500 MP 8.37 to MP 20.37 Camas Road Intersections.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 19990913 RES 879 Establishing a Fee for Replacement of Street Signs.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 19990927 RES 880 Establishing Rental Rates to be Charged by the Equipment Rental Department of the City of Camas.pdf 5 years ago 2 MB
Directory 19991011 RES 881 Establishing Procedures for Calculating Reimbursement of Costs Incurred by the City in Repairing or Replacing City Property Damaged in Traffic Accidents.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 19991025 RES 883 Adopting a Vehicle Accident Control Program.pdf 5 years ago 5 MB
Directory 19991108 RES 884 Approving Washougal School District No. 112-6 Capital Facilities Plan 1999, and Adopting Impact Fees in Accordance with said Capital Facilities Plan.pdf 5 years ago 4 MB
Directory 19991108 RES 885 Adopting a Tuition Reimbursement Program.pdf 5 years ago 887 KB
Directory 19991227 RES 886 Revising the Amount of School Impact Fees.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory Thumbs.db 4 months ago 283 KB