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Pete Capell, City Administrator

Phil Bourquinn, Community Development Director

Sherry Coulter, Information Technology Director

Cathy Huber Nickerson, Finance Director

Steve Wall, Public Works Director




Holly Valkama and Rob Fenty, from the consulting firm of
1961 Consulting, for leading our strategic team and overseeing the City's strategic planning and development process.

Rachel Higgins, Camas High School Alumni, for the video interviews and editing the final products for this site.

James Greger, Sr., Camas High School Alumni, of 4 Point Aerial Photo, for taking aerial footage throughout the Camas community and donating the scenes for our videos.



City Strategic Plan Process
Years 2018 – 2020 ____________________________________________

Here are the highlights and a few video clips describing how the plan was created in 2017 and will be implemented throughout the years 2018-2020:


Interviews and meetings with Key Stakeholders took place over a three month period, which helped to formulate key elements to the plan.  Key stakeholders included: 

   1) City Council - who met with our consultants individually and within Groups.
   2) The Management Team formed a Strategic Project Team and worked with the information gathered from these meetings.
   3) Staff and Citizen Groups also met with our consultants, with several follow-up meetings with staff to provide additional feedback on the plan.

A Community Survey 2017 was prepared and sent out to citizens and the results were incorporated into the plan.


Defining the City's three year Goals from the interviews and group meetings was the first step.   The four Decision Principals were also defined to help guide Council in future decision making to help staff to successfully stay on track and complete the goals and key objectives outlined in the plan.

The Strategic Planning Team, identified key objectives for each goal to be met within the 3 year period.

From these key objectives, 20 key initiatives were then created which will align and guide the City forward with an aggressive work plan.


The City has created it's implementation process which consists of:  

  • Assigning Owners or project leads to oversee the progress of the 20 identified key initiatives
  • Prioritizing the key objectives and defining a general three year schedule of priorities for these initiatives
  • Defining procedures for timely updates and reporting using an online strategic planning application which the assigned Owners of each initiative will use to track and report progress
  • Owners will also be working with project teams to create milestones for each initiative, assign and schedule work, and again use the online application to track and report progress
  • Project teams will work through the milestones to achieve target dates and report ongoing progress to Mayor and City Council and the Citizens of Camas throughout the three year period.



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