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Contractor Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to be on the Small Works Roster to submit a bid?
Yes, you must be on the current Small Works Roster to submit a bid for a Small Works project. You may submit a Small Works Questionnaire to become eligible to bid on the next Small Works project.
How do I submit our Small Works Questionnaire?
Please fill out the Small Works Roster Form
Where can we pick up plan sets?
Plan sets are usually available at the Public Works Department counter in the municipal building located at 616 NE 4th Avenue.
How many plan sets can we pick up for a Small Works Project?
The first plan set is available at no charge. Additional plan sets may be requested for a $25.00 fee.
May I purchase a plan set (drawings and specification book) from a plan center?
We do not suggest purchasing plan sets from a plan center, they may not be up-to-date on project addenda. You must be on the City of Camas Plan Holder's List to receive project addendums. All addendums must be signed and submitted with the proposal to be considered a responsible bid.
How do we process an addendum?
Each addendum must be signed and submitted along with the bid proposal for the bid to be considered a responsible bid.
What does the City use for the official time?
The City of Camas uses a calibrated stamp clock as the official time. It is the responsibility of the bidder to verify the official time and submit prior to the deadline. All bids submitted after the deadline will be deemed by staff to be non-responsive.
May I fax my bid?
No, the original document must be delivered to the place designated in the bid specification prior to the requested time.
Do I have to put my bid in an envelope?
Yes, bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope prior to the designated deadline.
May a contractor submit a personal check as a bid deposit?
No, only cash, bid bond, certified check or cashiers check is acceptable for a bid deposit. Failure to submit a bid deposit in the amount of 5% of the bid will be deemed a nonresponsive bid by staff. After the lowest three bidders have been determined, all other bid bonds will be released. After a contract has been executed, all remaining bid security will be released.
Once I turn in my bid, may I change it?
Yes, but you must provide a written request by an authorized person of the firm and the City must receive the revised packet prior to the original deadline.

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