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Guide to Street Tree Permits


Why do we want trees along our roadways

and on our properties?

Trees provide a number of important benefits

to our community. Having trees along our

roadways shades the road surface, and

reduces urban heat. This shade also helps to

reduce the frequency of resurfacing our roads.

Trees on our properties provide benefits in

reducing energy costs for heating and cooling.


Do I need a permit to remove a tree within

the planting strip along the roadway?

YES. A permit is required to remove and

replace street trees along the roadway.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree from

my property?

A permit is not required to remove a tree if

property is not within a critical area and can

not be divided.

How do I know if my property is within a

critical area?

Contact: Camas Planning Division on

360.817.1568 to determine if property is

within a critical area.





How do I measure a tree?

Measure the diameter of

each tree at 4.5 feet above

the ground. This is called

the diameter at breast

height (DBH) and it is

measured in inches.


If I am going to remove a street tree,

what do I do?

You will need to obtain a tree removal permit.

The permit is available at Camas Planning

Division. Phone 360.817.1568 or email;


To apply for the permit you will need to do

the following:

1. Show the outline of your property, and

the approximate location of your house,

driveway, street and any other improvements.

2. Indicate the approximate size and species of

tree(s) to be removed and provide a reason

for removal.

There is no permit fee.


Do I have to replace any certain type of tree?

Contact Camas Planning Division on 360.817.1568 for a

suggested and prohibited list of trees.

For residential property owners located within a Homeowners’

Association, contact the Association President for CCRs Plat

information to determine tree removal limitations.

Is there a minimum size tree that I have to plant back?

YES. Trees to be planted must meet the following size



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