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Did You Bring the Map?

Maps of All Kinds!

Historical Map of Coulee Dam

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at maps! Whether it’s the Camas Trail Map or a map of a place I know nothing about. There are so many different kinds of maps, including ones that are informative and visually fascinating. Therefore, I wanted to share some amazing online resources that enable you to see a wide variety of interesting maps. A perfect rabbit hole to go down during this pandemic.

Historical Maps

Hiking and Trail Maps

Hiking and trail maps can be great way to learn about the natural beauty of our area. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources has a rich interactive map that allows you to find state-run areas with camp sites, trails, or day use: DNR Go Map. Use this map to plan your next outdoor adventure (while practicing social distancing of course!).

  • Road trip! These maps can inspire you to enjoy our region’s natural beauty from the comfort of your car. Check these scenic byways maps of Washington and Oregon.
Historical Map of the Puget Sound

And more...

If these don’t fulfill your map enthusiast dreams you can dig deeper into digital maps at the Library of Congress: the Library of Congress Digital Collections. Maps for days!

-Elliot Stapleton, Library Associate
June 5, 2020

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