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Directory 20110103 RES 1209 Adopting Changes to the Non-Represented Employee Handbook Relating to Overtime Pay, Administrative Leave, Group Health Insurance Benefits and Holidays.pdf 5 years ago 277 KB
Directory 20110103 RES 1210 Revising the Salary Schedule for the Pool Activity Aide Position.pdf 5 years ago 111 KB
Directory 20110103 RES 1211 Changing the Building Official Position to an FLSA Exempt Status.pdf 5 years ago 91 KB
Directory 20110214 RES 1212 Emphasizing Certain Camas Transportation Projects and their Importance to the Economy and Safety of East County Residents.pdf 5 years ago 77 KB
Directory 20110222 RES 1213 Authorizing the Emergency Rescue Fund to Borrow $325,000.00 from the General Fund, and Providing for the Repayment of said Loan ...pdf 5 years ago 146 KB
Directory 20110502 RES 1214 Adopting Procedures for the Filling of Vacanacies in the Elected Positions of the City of Camas.pdf 5 years ago 2 MB
Directory 20110502 RES 1215 Establishing a Sign-up Fee for Work Crew.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 20110606 RES 1216 Revising and Extending the Comprehensive Street Program for an Additional Six Years.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 20110620 RES 1217 Approving a Development Agreement for Transportation Corridor Improvements to NW 38th Ave and 20th St between the City of Camas and APC Sunrise Summit, LLC....pdf 5 years ago 22 MB
Directory 20110718 RES 1218 Imposing a Moratorium for 6 Months upon the Establishment of any Collective Garden ... Cannabis... Engrossed Second Substitute SB5073, Section 403.pdf 5 years ago 429 KB
Directory 20110919 RES 1219 Creating the Position of Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services, Adopting a Job Description, and Establishing a Salary Schedule for the Position.pdf 5 years ago 310 KB
Directory 20110919 RES 1220 Adopting a Schedule of Fees for the Cemetery Services and Supplies.pdf 5 years ago 2 MB
Directory 20110926 RES 1221 Adopting Findings for the Farrell House Unclassified Use Permit, File No. UUP 11-01.pdf 5 years ago 3 MB
Directory 20111003 RES 1222 Declaring the Clark County Coordinated Water System Plan Update to be Consistent with City of Camas Land Use and Growth Management Plans and Policies.pdf 5 years ago 112 KB
Directory 20111017 RES 1223 Adopting a Flexible Development Score Sheet for Purposes of Implementing Camas Municipal Code Chapter 18.26.pdf 5 years ago 261 KB
Directory 20111107 RES 1224 Establishing a Ten Minute Time Limit for One Parking Space on NE Cedar Street between NE 4th Avenue and NE 5th Avenue.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory 20111107 RES 1225 Revising Charges for Emergency Services Provided by the City of Camas.pdf 5 years ago 1 MB
Directory Thumbs.db 3 years ago 185 KB