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2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The City of Camas reviews its Comprehensive Plan and map once a year. The City received four applications (file #CPA19-01, CPA19-02, CPA19-03, & CPA19-04) and will be considering additional staff proposals. Map of Proposed 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendments.

The applicant is proposing to amend only their property to multifamily. However, the City is considering whether the commercially zoned area surrounding the parcel should also be changed to Multifamily (MF) given the current uses.

The applicant is proposing to amend their property and the surrounding Single family Medium (SFM) area to Single family High (SFH).

The applicant is proposing to amend their property Commercial (COM) to Multifamily High (MFH).

The applicant is proposing to amend two of their parcels from Commercial (COM) to Multifamily (MFH) and one parcel, which is in the City’s Urban Growth Area, from Single Family Low (SFL) to MFH.

The City is considering amending the area near Hill Street and NW 10th from Multifamily High (MFH) and Park (P) to Commercial (COM), in order to match the historic and current uses in the area. The city is also considering amending a Single Family Low (SFL) area to Single Family Medium or High (SFM or SFH) to better reflect existing development patterns.

Upcoming Workshops and Public Hearings: Public hearings are held during regularly scheduled meetings before Planning Commission and City Council, in the Council Chambers at City Hall, located at 616 NE Fourth Avenue, Camas. The next Planning Commission meetings are on April 16th and May 21st at 7:00 p.m. The amendments will likely be brought before City Council during their meetings in the May and June. Please check the agenda online to follow up-to-date scheduling.  

Get Information: A staff report and all application materials are available to review on the city’s website at the “Minutes & Agendas” page generally, five (5) business days before the meeting. The current comprehensive plan and zoning maps are available to view on the city’s website at “maps”.

Participate: Legislative public hearings follow the process described within Camas Municipal Code §18.55.320. Further information on participation in this legislative action may be obtained at Camas City Hall, 616 Northeast Fourth Avenue or by contacting Community Development Department staff.

Questions: You may contact project staff, Sarah Fox, Senior Planner at 360.817.7269 or by email at communitydevelopment@cityofcamas.us

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