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Applicability and Definition
Individuals or organizations wishing to hold an event on a public street or on City property, with an attendance in excess of 50 people are required to obtain a special event permit. The application process helps to address potential traffic congestion, impact on City services, and safety issues for large events or events occurring in the right-of-way.

If your event is on private property, closed to the public, and has less than 500 people expected; or is a funeral or wedding procession, then no permit is required.

If you are unsure whether your event meets the criteria for a special event permit, please contact the Finance Department at 360-834-2462 or in person at the Finance Department in City Hall to inquire further.

Camas Municipal Code 5.20

Application Procedures
Applications can be obtained online or in person, and when completed, should be submitted along with a non-refundable $40 application fee to the Finance Department in City Hall.

Special event permit applications must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the proposed event date. Applicants should carefully read both the cover letter and the application itself to ensure that all requirements have been met prior to submission.

During the review process, the City staff may recommend that conditions be imposed on the event in order to ensure participant safety; ensure compliance with City, State, or Federal regulations; and prevent undue impact on the public’s use of public property, services, or facilities.

After the City staff has made recommendations, the City Administrator will review the staff’s suggestions, and then will ultimately make a final decision of approval or denial and determine if any conditions will be imposed on the event.

If an event is approved, a special event permit listing event details and approval conditions will be mailed to the applicant. Some applicants may be required to meet with City staff to ensure understanding and compliance with approval conditions.


Planning Resources
To assist in planning your event, below are some commonly referenced resources:
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