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The City has been working to convert some of our maps to PDF format to allow for public viewing. It is important to note that our community is growing and changing and therefore maps can become out-dated. These maps are provided for convenience and general public information. For specific and/or time-sensitive map information, please contact the Engineering Division directly.

Annexation Map

Comprehensive Plan

Critical Aquifer Recharge Area

Wetlands Map

Zoning Map


There are so many great amenities which make living in Camas, Washington the place to Live, Work, Learn & Play!

Situated in the eastern hilly portion of Clark County lies the City of Camas, home to approximately 21,000 residents. There are so many amenities for families and visitors to the community; a vibrant, yet quaint historic downtown, approximately 60 miles of trails, which often have play areas and other family amenities at the trail-heads, hi-profile business ventures stimulating job opportunities, several hi-tech manufacturing industries, and essential to our youth, the City boasts a state-leading educational system.

From its origins over 100 years ago as a paper-mill town, which still boasts a mill operated by Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Camas has expanded, developed, and successfully blended a mix of cultures, values, and vision. These ideals have been instrumental in promoting diverse economic growth, encouraging development of livable, family-oriented neighborhoods, protecting open-space, building parks and other recreational amenities — in short, balancing the nexus between jobs, housing and recreation.

Prioritizing the quality of life for all residents has made Camas a truly unique community


Camas is a great place to LIVE! 

Oct 23, 2017
Russian Storytime
Oct 23, 2017
Spanish/English Storytime
Oct 23, 2017
Any Book Club
Oct 24, 2017
Preschool Storytime
Oct 24, 2017
Preschool Storytime
Oct 24, 2017
Make Me!
Oct 24, 2017
Simply Write Critique Group
Oct 24, 2017
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