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The 2016 Summer Reading Program has ended.

The last day to log time and pick up prizes was Saturday August 13th.

Winners have been contacted, and have until the end of August to come pick up their prizes.

Top Ten Readers


Chao-yu Lin - 404.78 hours
Kiara Hansen - 365 hours
Ruby Cowart - 326 hours
Jenny Chernichenko - 322 hours
Yu-Cheng Liang - 243.25 hours
Dylan Knapp - 211.50 hours
I-An Lu - 185.45 hours
Gabe - Cowart - 180 hours
Bianca Flores - 151.50 hours
Lucy Webster - 145 hours


Elise Rasmussen - 415.50 hours
Abby Camisa - 308 hours
AJ Swan - 178.75 hours
Nicole Mitchell - 177 hours
Tia Merritt - 146.42 hours
Sophie Webster - 145 hours
Stella Webster - 145 hours
Madison Koppes - 134 hours
Max Burchell - 128 hours
Megan Cheng - 110 hours

Bike Raffle Winners

Hayden Riech Shalaka Deshpande

The Big Raffle for Teens

Alicia Leininger
Benjamin Miller
Brenda Lessley
Cole Herber
Daniel Ishchuk
Emily Elwell
Jake Barsness
Joslyn Lachenmeier
Katja Miller
Landon Dunn
Maggie Wood
Maia Lipsky
Mickhala Lowery
Regan VanCleave
Sierra Mellor
Veronica Derovya

Special Pizza Raffle for Teens

Amanda Libby
Brittany Burgstahler
Conner Berg
Emili Hart
Evan Fish
Nathaniel John
Gareth Starrat
Hannah Whiteley
Jessica Bode
Joseph Marugg
Kara Kaneshiro
Luke Martinez
Maksim Gavrilov
Mariah Moran
Quinn Carrick
Shad Holsinger
Sophia Krasnogorov
Stephani Kartashev
Willow White
Yuhsin Lai

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