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Capital Improvements Projects
The City of Camas Engineering staff manages the design and construction of all capital improvement and infrastructure projects within our city. These improvements include transportation facilities, water systems, sewer collection and treatment facilities, parks and trails and the municipal buildings that our citizens use every day. 

The following capital improvement project list is updated periodically. We try to reflect the most current status of construction projects and how those projects may affect the citizens of Camas.  In reading these notes, please remember that they reflect the best information we have at the time of publication. We strive to provide 24-hour notice prior to the construction of capital projects to adjoining neighbors through a number of methods, which include mailings, door hangers, and in some cases phone calls.

NW Larkspur Street to Camas Meadows Drive Improvements (City Project: S-604)

The City has retained OTAK, Inc. of Vancouver to perform engineering and land surveying services required to design improvements to NW Larkspur Street, from NW Lake Road north to Camas Meadows Drive. Improvements will include one-lane in each direction with a raised island, and a left turn lane at intermittent locations, storm system, sidewalks, signing, street lighting, and other improvements. The project is funded by a State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Grant, and is scheduled to be constructed in 2018. The City is preparing to host an OPEN HOUSE Event for the project to be held at Camas Fire Station #42 in the next two months. Questions about the project may be directed to Jim Carothers, Engineering Manager at 360-817-7230 or jcarothers@cityofcamas.us (updated on May 8, 2017)

NW Brady Road Improvements (City Project: S-587)

Improvements to NW Brady Road from NW 16th Avenue to NW 24th Avenue are currently under design and are expected to be constructed in 2019 or 2020. The project will include reconstruction and widening of the existing roadway to accommodate one-lane in each direction, raised medians, left-turn lanes, bike lanes, curbs, sidewalks, illumination, stormwater collection and treatment, and landscaping. Camas Staff are working with PBS Engineering of Vancouver on the design of the project. Questions may be directed to Jim Carothers, Engineering Manager at 360-817-7230 or jcarothers@cityofcamas.us, or James Hodges, Project Manager, at 360-817-7234 or jhodges@cityofcamas.us (updated on May 8, 2017)

Goodwin Road Trailhead Parking Improvements (City Project: P-911)

This project proposes to construct 17 additional parking spaces to this popular facility that serves the Lacamas Lake Trail. Design and permitting of the project is underway, with construction anticipated to begin in 2018, contingent on availability of funding. Funding is through the City of Camas. Questions may be directed to Jim Carothers, Engineering Manager at 360-817-7230 or jcarothers@cityofcamas.us; or Steve Wall, Public Works Director, at 360-817-1561 (updated on May 8, 2017)

Camas Water Transmission Main Project, Phase 3 (City Project: WS-709H)
Over the last several years, the City has replaced several miles of water transmission main between the new Slow Sand Water Filtration Plant located on NE Lessard Road and the water distribution system that serves our customers. The remaining old section of waterline was installed in the 1920’s and is located between NE 312th /Ireland Road and the new Slow Sand Water Filtration Plant. Camas Engineering Staff are working with CH2M of Portland to complete the design and permitting required to construct the new waterline in 2018. Questions about the project may be directed to the Steve Durspek, Project Engineer, at 360.817.7238 or at sdurspek@cityofcamas.us(updated on May 8, 2017).

Forest Home Road Slide Repair, (City Project: SS-612C1)

Construction on the landslide repair on Forest Home Road is scheduled to begin the week of June 5, 2017. The contractor is PCR, Inc. of Beavercreek, OR. This project is partially funded by the Federal Emergency Relief Funding, which is administered by WSDOT. Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer. Forest Home Road will remain closed until construction is completed. Questions about the project may be directed to Anita Ashton, Interim Project Manager at 360.817.7231 or aashton@cityofcamas.us or to Jim Carothers, City Engineer at 360.817.7230. (updated on May 8, 2017).

Lacamas Lane Road Slide Repair, (City Project: SS-612C2)

Repair of the Lacamas Lane Slide Repair is nearing completion. The City’s Contractor, McDonald Excavating, Inc. of Washougal estimates the repairs to be mostly completed within the next two weeks. The City recommends that commuters use an alternate route to access NW Lake Road, and suggest increasing commute times by at least 10-15 minutes. FEMA will reimburse the City for eligible expenses up to $390,000. Questions about the project may be directed to Jim Carothers, Engineering Manager at 360.817.7230; or Anita Ashton, Interim Project Manager, at 360.817.7231 or aashton@cityofcamas.us.(updated on May 8, 2017).

Dallas Street CDBG Improvements, (City Project: T-1008)

The City has received a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from Clark County that will help fund infrastructure improvements to NE Dallas Street between NE 17th and NE 21st Avenues. Planned improvements include new water, sanitary sewer, sidewalk, and street rehabilitation. The project is currently under design and is expected to be constructed in the Fall of 2017. Questions about the project may be directed to Steve Durspek, Project Engineer at 360-817-7238, or at sdurspek@cityofcamas.us (updated May 8, 2017)

Mill Ditch Sewer Improvements, (City Project: S-1004)

City engineering staff are working on a project that will rehabilitate much of the sanitary sewer piping that runs parallel to the Mill Ditch between NE Adams and NE Franklin Streets. The City has retained KC Development of Camas to perform land surveying related to the project. The existing sewer line was originally installed in the 1920’s and is situated on properties owned by Georgia-Pacific Mill and the City of Camas. Construction is anticipated to begin in late Summer 2017. Questions about the project may be directed to Steve Durspek, Project Engineer at 360-817-7238, or at sdurspek@cityofcamas.us (updated May 8, 2017)



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